Hosting a trip to Patagonia March 2017

Brown trout in Chile
Eben managed to catch a decent fish!

I am going to be in Patagonia at the end of February into March to host a trip for Orvis Travel.  So I decided to put together a week for Hubbard’s clients right after that.  I have March 4 to March 11 reserved at Magic Waters for the group.  Check out this page for more information.

You can leave comments/questions here on the blog, you can email me at, you can call me on my cell at 602.228.8775 or at the lodge at 406.848.7755 for more info, etc.

Don’t miss out on a great trip! – Eben Schaefer

Patagonia – The Fishing!

Ok, so I am finally getting around to writing about the important stuff! David and I fished with guides for 8 days at Magic Waters. We were able to see a lot of their water but not all of it. We were there late in their season and during a low water year. Some of the water that we wade fished they would normally float.  And some of their other water we didn’t fish at all because of the lower water levels. Continue reading “Patagonia – The Fishing!”

Chilé / Patagonia – Getting There


brown troutSo I was lucky enough to go to Patagonia with David Force, one of our totally awesome fishing guides.  I will try to do a few posts about this trip.

I want to start by saying that it was an awesome trip.  A real “once in a lifetime” trip that I hope to do many times!! David and I are making plans to go back soon.  We will definitely post information about this! For right now, this first post will mainly be about travelling there and back. Continue reading “Chilé / Patagonia – Getting There”