Patagonia – The Lodge

dave with lagoon brownDavid Force and I were lucky enough to spend time in Patagonia at Magic Waters Patagonia Lodge.  We did a post earlier about traveling there and back so now we will talk about the property a bit.

20160326_152714Eduardo Barrueto and his family own and run the lodge.  Eduardo picked us up himself.  The lodge sits above a lagoon, or pond, that has a small boat on it.  We fished it a little with big dries.  The browns crashed those dries hard. And we saw an Andean Condor that first afternoon.  They are the largest flighted birds in the world!

The rooms were big and roomy.  Beautiful wood and river stone with a 20160326_211351queen and a twin bed.  Bathrooms were great, too.  Very comfortable beds and plenty of storage.  There was a laundry basket that they happily took care of regularly – that was awesome!

The great room was a perfect place to hang out.  Appetizers came out in the evening with bottles of local wine that were fantastic. Dinners were great with a mix of local style and fooood American staples.  We are trying to get Fernando, the head chef, to work with us in the summer!

Cell reception was pretty spotty at the lodge.  There is limited internet – it is over a cell connection.  It is enough to send some messages, emails, and stuff, but not enough to pictures and videos.

Our main takeaway from the lodge itself was the sense of family.  We felt so welcome and comfortable the whole time that we were there.  The food, the property, scenery, the on site fishing, were all great.  But the hospitality was the real difference.20160326_152751-2


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